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Dec. 20th, 2020


Hello there.

I'm lisa lisa and welcome to my livejournal! 
Thank you and please keep on spreading the gazespirit around!


May. 23rd, 2020


Lisa Tweets

 Real time trans prone to corrections!

Yes I'm bored translating alone with noone to flail with.

Follow me on a gazelation adventure! Let's go!

Oct. 28th, 2012


Shoxx's Red Motel #6 - #10 (2004)

Red Motel #6 - Ruki : Advice to the fans
Hello. Ruki here. Wow, it’s already our 6th edition for this corner? It’s really popular!
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Oct. 16th, 2012


Shoxx's Red Motel #1 - #5 (2003)

Hello. Red Motel is a small column written by GazettE members.
Topics are given by the previous gazemember who wrote the previous entry.
In other words, randomness and fun!

Red Motel #1 - Ruki : My first band
Red Motel corner starts from now. I, Ruki will write the first entry. Hello all.
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Mar. 17th, 2012


After DECADE live messages from the GazettE

From PSMobile.
Credits to rawkstarr23

We've finally reached our 10th anniversary. [We achived this, thanks to all of you] words such as these lacks the full depth of what I really feel. From now on, we're going to make things more and more exciting. So let us once more share the same dream together. Thank you.

Thank you for the 10th Anniversary live. I'm grateful that I was able to walk along with all of you for these 10 years. I'll treasure our 10 years of walks together. Thank you for today.

We've reached our 10th anniversary, thanks to all of you! I'm truly grateful! We're growing old together- I'd love to see growth in all of you! Please watch over me too! We still have a long way to go. Let's aim for it together!

The 10th year is a big milestone for us. I can only say words of gratitude to all of you. Keep on supporting the GazettE!

Everyone gathered for us, "the GazettE" today. Thank you~! And for the ones who couldnt come but is always supporting us- thank you~! 10 years ago- fate met these 5 young country bumpkins together.A lot of things happend since that day, but now we are loved by all of you. There were times when I grabbed someone by the collar in the office, and times when all we did were to talk idly and laugh. There were fun times and of course- times when I just felt angry. Even so, here we are, still rocking on. This must be because all of the band members and the fans really really love the GazettE. It cant be helped, right? So I hope, for many years to come, when you think about "the GazettE", you'd think of "Home". So please invite anyone near you to our home in the future. My heart is filled with gratitude on our 10th 3rd March together. Thank you very much.


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